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Mammals of North, Central & South America - A Mammal App

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Sviluppatore Search Life Forms
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Mammals of North America, Central America & South America - A Mammal App is a member of the World Life Forms family of products dedicated to providing easy to use, powerful reference and discovery tools for the animal and plant kingdoms.

With over 200 life forms (counts by class are below), Mammals of the Americas provides a survey and presentation of many of the Americas (the New World) mammals in image and descriptive formats.

Four primary methods of sorting and browsing are available including scientific name, common name, taxonomy and geography.

Taxonomy tree information is presented and maps are included for many of the life forms.

A free sampler, eLifeFormsW - A Search Life Forms Sampler is available for free download and review. We strongly recommend all interested customers download and sample the demonstration version before buying our paid for products. This "try before you buy" policy allows for interacting with the user interface, content sampling and overall review of the presentation. As regular users of wild life reference materials, we believe our products are best positioned as a supplement to the field guides, software identification tools, atlases and other animal and plant life compendiums and not a replacement.

Taxon Class Counts

Artiodactyla (Pigs Camels Sheep) 21
Carnivora (Carnivore - Meat Eating) 52
Cetacea (Whale And Dolphin) 2
Chiroptera (Bats) 18
Edentata (Ant Eater Sloth And Armadillo) 12
Insectivora (Mole And Shrew) 5
Lagomorpha (Rabbits) 8
Marsupiala (Marsupial) 1
Perissodactyla (Rhino And Horse) 8
Pinnipedia (Seal And Walrus) 7
Primates (Primates Monkey Apes Man) 14
Proboscidea (Elephant And Mastodon) 2
Rodentia (Rodents) 55
Sirenia (Sea Cow) 1